The written word is often a last minute consideration when building a web presence, and a lot of websites are created by a web designer who may not be a very good copywriter. There may be a tendency to use technical jargon or complicated words, when simple clear language is all that's needed. Consider that most people will not take the time to read every paragraph on a page, and not everyone who reads your website will have a perfect grasp of the English language.

A good copywriter is as valuable as good web designer, and an effective website is always a combination of good design and good copywriting.

Choice of Words

Choosing the right words based upon their meaning, rather than assembling commonly used stock phrases, will reduce the word count and make your text clearer and easier to understand. You may want to include all the buzz words and sales speak to make your copy sound professional, but start with the facts and try to stop the avalanche of prefabricated phrases that are so tempting to add.

And remember that your website copy needs to cater for both human readers and the automated robots that read on behalf of the search engines. Factual copywriting that is not surrounded by lots of superfluous prose can help people, and search engines, to quickly understand what your website is actually about. To create good websites you need to use professional web designers and good writers.

Take Action!

Once the search engines have introduced you to potential clients you will want them to take some form of action... "CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US!" There is no point in giving them a lecture (just like I am giving to you), each client needs to be moved towards a goal and everything they read should point them in that direction. Everything else is just window dressing. You may want to direct them towards a web enquiry form, you may want to lead them to the "BUY NOW!" button, but it all needs explaining clearly and quickly.

What We Do

We write original, clearly worded copy for your websites as part of our web design service. We can also provide standalone copywriting services, ghost writing reviews, editing, product/service descriptions and search engine optimised copy.

We have fusion between writer and designer, resulting in a more balanced and effective website.



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