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An effective website should be a vehicle for the objectives of the client. A good web designer should take the time to think about the target audience for the website, and do some basic research into the market of the client. This will provide a sharper focus on what the client actually needs, and not any of the web designer's assumptions.

Creativity vs Usability

Considering the wide range of web browsers, operating systems and screen resolutions, it is essential that a website is viewable using common client side software and hardware.

Even the guy who is running Windows98, connected via a dial-up 56k modem, with an old copy of Netscape at 640x480 pixels resolution, should still be able to view the site without any serious problems.

We are not suggesting that all design should be restricted by the capability of the lowest spec machine and software! We are simply pointing out that it is important to be mindful of web browser diversity and minimise the risk of unexpected problems by balancing creative design against practical design.

Design Dynamics

Supermarkets carefully design point-of-sale and shop layouts to help maximise their sales. Using similar psychological theories we have incorporated these principles into our work. A lot of it is common sense, but layout dynamics often influence the choices made in the virtual environment of a website.

Why Web Jam?

Our work is hand coded, checked and validated using various browsers and screen resolutions. This ensures cross platform compatibility so that every surfer can use the site regardless of their choice of hardware or software.

All layouts and graphics are unique and built specifically for each job. We do not use pre-purchased website templates. This allows for complete flexibility of design which ensures that the end result is not only exclusive, but is also carefully tailored to suit your needs.

Experience :
We've been designing successful commercial websites since 1998.

Focus :
Web design is our only business and we enjoy building websites piece by piece. We are not going to scan your company brochure into a Flash slideshow and hope for the best.

Deal Direct :
Most marketing consultants and advertising agencies outsource their web design to companies, just like us.



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